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Список товаров по производителю Promax

All of us have spent countless hours in the saddle of one type of bicycle or another. As cyclists and as students of competitive cycling, we are well aware of the need for more efficient bicycles.

Efficiency can be defined as: performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of materials, time or energy.

In cycling, this means the reduction or elimination of wasted movement and energy as the rider pedals to propel the bicycle forward. Much of the efficiency problem in cycling, BMX in particular, is wasted movement and energy due to component flex. Our solution was to reduce bicycle flex and boost rider efficiency without adversely affecting the ride. Promax now offers a range of products design specifically to do this.

Promax oversized Impact and Banger stems coupled with BOX oversized handlebars achieve this with a large, flex-reducing, 31.8-millimeter diameter clamp area on the bars.

Oversize stem and bar combos have been the norm in road and mountain biking for nearly two decades. A stiffer handlebar and stem combo is probably more important in BMX than in any another cycling discipline. Combine the incredible upper body strength of the riders with 8-inch or taller, thin-wall chromoly bars and you’re just asking for problems.

Показано 1 - 8 из 8 товаров
Показано 1 - 8 из 8 товаров